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Does it Matter if a Cannabis Delivery Service in Sacramento is Licensed?

Sacramento Best Weed | Licensed Cannabis Delivery

Throughout the country, including Sacramento, cannabis was illegal for years. You couldn’t grow it, smoke it, sell it, buy it, or eat it without risking a fine or arrest. That led to cannabis users doing what they could to stay low and out of the spotlight.

Cut to Today

Medical marijuana use is legal throughout California, and now so is recreational as well! Given the law, there is no need to stay hush-hush about buying or selling marijuana in a licensed setting. The recent approval of LEGAL weed delivery services in the state also means that process is safer for everyone.

Licensing might be a pain in the, uh…neck, but this ensures that marijuana products produced, sold, and consumed in California are both effective and safe.

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control maintains a searchable database so you can be sure your provider is above board. You’ll find Pot Kings on the list, licensed to deliver marijuana for medicinal and adult recreational use in Sacramento.

What Does Licensing Mean?

The state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control issues licenses to retailers, including delivery services. Only delivery services that meet certain criteria get licenses that legally allow them to operate in California.

Services that strictly deliver must still maintain licensed premises, but keep them closed to the public. These delivery services must also make necessary declarations, such as assuring they are far enough away from schools, parks, and similar areas. Operators must attach a thick packet of official documents to their licensing application to prove their declarations. Required documents include information about the premises, financial disclosures, transportation details, and more. The state wants to know about everything from inventory to quality control to security to waste management.

Growers, makers of edibles, other suppliers, testers, and retailers have to go through similarly strict licensing processes.

If a business checks the proper boxes and meets the guidelines, laws, and standards, then the state issues a license. Licensing might be a pain in the, uh…neck, but this ensures that marijuana products produced, sold, and consumed in California are both effective and safe.

Want to Know More About Legal Weed Delivery in Sacramento?

You no longer have to “know a guy” or show up with cash, only to be let down by a bag of nothing but seeds and stems (or worse)? Licensing means quality control, and Pot Kings is all about quality. Pot Kings is licensed by the state to LEGALLY deliver cannabis, straight to you. Additionally, Pot Kings has the confidence of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.

CONTACT POT KINGS to discover what sets a licensed cannabis delivery service apart from sketchy buying options of years past. Our team works hard to make the delivery process as easy as possible to understand, as well as to navigate. We maintain all of the paperwork to give you peace of mind. We also delivery the goods you want directly to your front door. Enjoy top product from Sacramento’s best legal weed delivery service in the comfort of your home, and be worry-free!

Sacramento Best Weed | Licensed Cannabis Delivery