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Dabbing 101: Wax vs. Shatter vs. Crumble

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A little dab does just fine for anyone looking to get an intense high. In addition, many people feel that dabbing offers the best bang for their buck. This is because the cannabinoids are concentrated, while the product is often not as expensive as flower or other options. In Sacramento, cannabis delivery services include options for concentrates.

There are several ways to extract THC, which is the psychoactive or intoxicating chemical in cannabis. Once extracted, it can be processed any number of ways to create a substance that can be heated and inhaled. This method of flash vaporization does not produce smoke. Instead, as the name implies, it makes a vapor.

How potent is this vapor? Bud itself can have up to 25 percent THC, which is good for a high. Concentrates can have double or even more than triple that potency. In other words, you’re looking at 50 to 80 percent (or more!) THC.

Choosing a Concentrate

Three of the most popular cannabis concentrates (known as dabs) are wax, crumble, and shatter. Names vary from place to place, but what matters most is how the product is made.

Every concentrate requires an extraction process. Typically, makers use a solvent to separate the active compounds in the crystals from the rest of the plant matter. The solvent should evaporate later in the process so you don’t inhale those chemicals.

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During this process, the material can be shaken, stirred, or left alone. Wax is agitated while it forms. As a result, the substance is a sort of fluffy crystal.

To create crumble, makers use different temperatures and oils that contain more moisture. Consequently, the result is a thicker substance that—yes—is more crumbly. Some people prefer crumble’s taste and more terpenes.

“Bud itself can have up to 25 percent THC, which is good for a high. Concentrates can have double or even more than triple that potency.”

Shatter is made carefully to keep the concentrate from getting agitated and, therefore, cloudy. When kept still, it doesn’t form crystals, but instead makes a see-through sheet. This stuff would shatter if dropped on the floor. It would also probably look good cut into stained glass windows for a gingerbread house.

Somebody in Sacramento Gives a Dab

To learn more about wax, crumble, and shatter, CONTACT POT KINGS, Sacramento’s best legal weed (and concentrate) delivery service. As the “Kings of Pot,” we can explain more about everything from the concentration process to the different highs. Our customers come first! As a result, we are happy to educate anyone on cannabinoids, THC, dabbing, and whatever else comes up. We are a resource for newbies and experienced smokers alike.


Sacramento Best Weed | Pot Kings Delivery | Dabbing