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How Long Does it Take to “Get High”?

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Getting high is a lot like getting drunk-it depends on what you take, and how you take it.

When it comes to marijuana, there are many different ways to ingest it. You can smoke it, vape it, eat it, drink it, even take it in a tincture. How you take it, and what you actually take, is going to change how soon you “feel high”, and how long it lasts.

What Gets Me High?

There are a lot of different compounds in marijuana that have many different benefits. When it comes to that “feeling high”, psychoactive compound, we are talking about THC.

THC does a lot of different things to the brain. Some of which feel good (relaxation, focus), some of which can cause for pretty negative experiences (paranoia, hallucinations). How a person responds to THC depends on a few things:

  • THC concentration (how much THC is in the product, “dose”)
  • How much is consumed (“servings”)
  • How it is consumed (smoked, vaped, eaten)
  • Individual body chemistry (some people are more sensitive to THC than others)
  • How frequently it is used

It Just Depends

So, how soon you feel high, and how long it will last, depends on all of those factors. For example, researchers say that the fastest method is to smoke or vape it. If you smoke or vape marijuana, you can expect your high to peak in about 5 minutes. Whereas if you eat it, it can be around 2 hours.

Once THC levels peak, they begin to decline quickly over the next couple of hours, and then slowly start to level off for several more hours. That means that THC can stay in your system for 6-8 hours from just one joint. And even when the effects of THC wear off, it can still be detected in a drug test for up to a month.

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Why Do I Feel Different When I Eat it?

So, not only does how much you take and how you take it make a difference, but ingesting marijuana actually produces a different kind of high. For many people, not only does eating it make it last longer, but it also makes the high experience more intense. But why??

11-OH-THC…THC’s Little Friend…


If you smoke or vape, THC is absorbed quickly in the lungs. However, when you eat marijuana, your body has to metabolize it. This is why it takes longer to feel. It has to digest in the stomach, and then break down in the liver. An interesting thing happens to THC during this metabolism: it gets converted into something called “11-OH-THC”.

Research is learning that 11-OH-THC is a more potent version of THC. Additionally, while it hasn’t been proven yet, many also feel that 11-OH-THC has much stronger psychoactive/psychedelic effects than THC.

This would suggest that if you eat marijuana, it can potentially have stronger, longer lasting, more intense effects than if you smoke or vape it. This is also what makes it harder to control.

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Sacramento Best Weed | THC