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What’s So Magic About Mushrooms, Medically?

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Anybody who enjoys cannabis delivery in Sacramento is likely to give a nod to Colorado every now and then. The state known for its high peaks made headlines for other highs in 2012. That’s when lawmakers legalized recreational cannabis use. It was a groundbreaking move. Washington state lawmakers also voted the same way that year, but Colorado gets a lot of the credit for blazing this trail.

Other states followed, of course, with California not too far behind.

Colorado Goes First Again

In May 2019, media reported that Colorado capital city Denver had made another recreational drug-related move. Early May ballot returns showed that voters had decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms.

What does that mean? Technically, psilocybin is still not legal to own or use. So what changed? In short, the law now tells police to treat psychedelic mushrooms as a low priority. So low, in fact, that they should just ignore it.

Recreational users are surely happy with this change, and not just in Denver and the rest of the state. What happens in Colorado may again spread to California and beyond.

But citywide recreational use is not the only aspect of psychedelic mushrooms that is getting attention these days. Take a look at what’s happening on a federal level.

Medicine Moving the Needle

Before talking more about mushrooms, let’s first talk a bit about marijuana again.

In 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a medicine with CBD as its active ingredient. The drug is designed to treat epilepsy. It works by reducing a patient’s number of seizures. This approval forced the Drug Enforcement Administration to reconsider how it schedules marijuana—or at least elements of it.

Currently, the DEA considers marijuana a Schedule I drug. This means the federal government says it has “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”

Ultimately, not much changed in marijuana’s federal classification—even after the FDA approval. (Thank some CBD-based federal loopholes for that.) Still, the consideration shows that a proven medical benefit can make waves that extend far beyond an application.

Time to Change the Schedule?

Like marijuana, the DEA classifies psilocybin as a Schedule I drug. But in late 2018, the FDA changed its designation for psilocybin therapy under investigation. This not only allows research into psychedelic mushrooms for treatment-resistant depression; it fast tracks it.

The green light is known as a Breakthrough Therapy designation. The FDA created this category in 2012 in order to speed approvals for new drugs that could work better than existing options for serious conditions.

In psilocybin’s case, the fast track is building on decades of existing research. If this leads to an FDA approval, the DEA would have to reconsider how psilocybin is scheduled. This, in turn, could lead to more changes down the road.

And if it can happen for magic mushrooms on a federal level, it could someday happen for marijuana.

For now, enjoy your recreational marijuana at your home in California’s capital city. CONTACT POT KINGS for LEGAL WEED delivery.


Sacramento Best Weed | Pot Kings Weed Delivery | Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms