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The Future of Edibles

Sacramento Weed Delivery | Edibles

Edibles can be a fun way and less intimidating way to be introduced to marijuana. Not everybody likes to smoke. Not everybody can tolerate smoke. Additionally, not everybody wants to smell like smoke. Edibles come in all flavors and styles, are easy to carry, are discrete, and when done right, taste AMAZING!

Not All Edibles Are Created Equal

That being said, if not done properly, edibles can be pretty rough. That “chocolate bar” can end up tasting like skunk instead of chocolate. Or your friend’s homemade “pot brownies” end up tasting like dirt. The worst part about the wrong edible is not knowing the dose of marijuana in it. This is critical to having a positive experience. Pot Kings ONLY sells legal, regulated, certified marijuana products. You will be confident in the dose, quality, and type of marijuana you will be getting.

Chocolates and Gummies Are Boring?

The most common types of edibles you will find are going to be chocolates and gummies. Maybe some baked goods too. NUG bars are award winning chocolate bars that actually taste incredible. They are also ORGANIC, and have 10 mg of THC in each serving. However, if chocolate, or gummies are not your thing, you’re in luck! On the other hand, people are getting more creative about foods and drinks, coming up with new and flavorful ways to experience the recreational and medical benefits of marijuana. Check out this incredible article about the next wave:

While we love our NUG Bars, it is exciting to see that CBD is starting to get a place in the market. CBD is the cannabidiol in marijuana that have intoxicating effects (that’s THC). Instead, CBD has many amazing medicinal properties, like antiinflammation, and antianxiety.

Legal Weed Delivery in Sacramento

If you have been curious about trying weed now that it is legal in California, CONTACT the Pot Kings! No more embarrassing trips to a dispensary! Pot Kings is Sacramento’s BEST, LEGAL weed delivery service! Pot Kings is friendly, professional, and timely. Our menu only consists of certified, regulated, highly reviewed products. Additionally, we offer the best discounts in the industry, every week! CHECK OUT OUR MENU TODAY!


Sacramento Weed Delivery | Edibles