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The Munchies: Fact or Fiction?

Sacramento Weed Delivery | Munchies

Get Your Snack On

If you have ever smoked a marijuana, then you have probably been there. The insatiable, bottomless pit known as “The Munchies”. When alllllll the snacks and treats aren’t enough.

Are the munchies for real though? Or are they just an excuse that stoners use to justify $20 in Takis?

Munchies Facts

Scientists and doctors are finally learning what many a stoner have known for years: marijuana makes you hungry. Turns out, the munchies are real. So, NO, its not just in your head (or belly).

Here’s the Science Behind Munchies

OK, gonna keep it real simple here, but in case you ever wondered, here is how marijuana makes you hungry:

  • THC (the psychoactive compound in pot) INCREASES your hunger hormone, even if you aren’t hungry.
  • THC acts on the part of the brain that controls appetite.
  • It may heighten your sense of smell and taste, which often triggers appetite and can make food taste better (or worse).
  • THC releases your happy hormone “dopamine” which makes eating an entire cake even more pleasurable than normal.

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So What?

Well, now that you know munchies are for real, what now? On one hand, now you know why you get so hungry when you are high. But the real reason that this is so important to understand is because it will help doctors and lawmakers understand how HELPFUL marijuana can be.

There are many terrible illnesses that cause people to lose weight because they are unable to eat. They may have no appetite, due to medication or due to feeling so ill. They may be too nauseous to eat. Or they may have psychological issues that keep them from eating. It is possible that marijuana can help these people.

This can range from people going through chemotherapy for cancer, people with anorexia, HIV/AIDS patients, and elderly people who struggle to eat enough calories to stay healthy. It may even be helpful in dealing with morning sickness.

The point is, while marijuana can be fun, and make eating even more pleasurable, it can also be incredibly helpful to sick people.

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Sacramento Weed Delivery | Munchies