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What is Indica?

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Cannabis comes in a range of varieties, but when you’re talking about marijuana, you’re probably only talking about two. Indica and sativa are considered “subspecies” in the larger “cannabaceae” family. (Don’t try to pronounce that—especially if you’ve just enjoyed the flower of a member of the family we’re talking about.) If you’re typing “marijuana delivery near me,” it’s likely because you want either one or the other.

The Look of the Leaves

Firstly, indica looks different from sativa. The leaves are wider and may appear thicker. Thus, indica leaves look fuller. There’s more “green” there.

The plants themselves are shorter—maybe even considered “squat” when compared to their taller siblings. This is because indica grows in subtropical regions, where the flowering season is not as long. For example, it can be found naturally in Pakistan, Morocco, and Afghanistan.

Sativa, on the other hand, is found in the warmer parts of east Asia, where it grows willowy and light. Sativa takes its time to flower, because it has more sunlight for longer periods of time.

The Type of High

If you’re an experienced smoker, you probably have a preference between indica and sativa. Many people believe that an indica high mostly impacts the body. In other words, it relaxes you. The high is relaxing and turns the energy levels down.

In contrast, sativa earns the title of generating a high that mostly impacts the mind. For example, it can boost creativity, as well as productivity.

Researchers are exploring the reasons for these differences. However, many are also exploring the idea that there may not be much of a difference between them at all.

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Though plenty of people have their own indica stories that back up its mellowing reputation, science is skeptical. Depending on who you ask and what study you read, you may get different answers.

What is True?

Unfortunately, there is not a large amount of research into this subject due to marijuana’s long history as an illegal substance. However (and fortunately), cannabis is now legal to enjoy both medically and recreationally in California. This gives scientists more freedom to examine the properties of indica and sativa.

Will the research find that differing levels of THC and CBD in the subspecies don’t make that much of a difference? Will the evidence bear out what decades of cannabis enthusiasts have experienced? Will growing hybridization throw it all out the window anyway? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, what is important is finding the strain that you enjoy most—and a reliable delivery service to get it to you. CONTACT POT KINGS for help with both. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through your many options, as well as make sure you get yours safely—and fast.


Sacramento Best Weed | Pot Kings Weed Delivery | Indica Weed