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What is Vaping?

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If you’re going to inhale these days, you have an option unavailable to recreational marijuana users of years past: vaping. While there have historically been many ways to enjoy cannabis—joint, pipe, or bong—they all involve lighting the marijuana on fire. This makes smoke, which quickly delivers THC (the psychoactive compound that gets you high) to your lungs.

Some people don’t like that the smoke also carries other things to their lungs, including irritants. While smoking is the preferred cannabis-ingesting method for many people, others have taken to the more modern practice of vaping.

Lower Temperature …

A vaping device takes combustion—but not heat—out of the picture. Vaporizers come in a range of shapes and sizes, but all work in the same basic way. First, you fill a chamber in the electric device with flower or a special cannabis concentrate, then push a button. Once activated, it heats the cannabis to a couple hundred degrees, which is enough to aerosolize it, but not ignite it. You then inhale the resulting fine mist. Easy!

… Longer High?

Vape pens resemble thin cigars, and the cloud they produce looks like smoke, even if it isn’t. Smoking and vaping both involve breathing THC into the lungs, but the aerosol is described by some as “thinner” than smoke. You may have to take longer, gentler pulls at the device than you would a traditional pipe.The high from smoking typically hits sooner than the high from vaping, but a vaping high has been shown to last longer. This, plus the fact that you’re avoiding combustion-related side effects, makes it attractive for many people.

vape pen-legal weed delivery-Pot Kings Sacramento

In particular, people with throat or lung sensitivities may enjoy vaping. The method can also allow for more precision dosing.

Is Vaping for You?

Scientists are continuing to study vaping for its benefits and drawbacks. As with any marijuana ingestion method, it appeals more to some people than others. Also, the device only does so much. The real high is coming from the product. POT KINGS, providing legal weed delivery in Sacramento, is licensed by the state to provide safe, effective cannabis. Products are tested for quality whether intended for vaping, smoking, or even edibles.

The team can answer any questions you may have about vaping, as well as which products are best for aerosolizing. CONTACT POT KINGS for your recreational cannabis needs, no matter how you want it!


Sacramento Best Weed | Pot Kings Delivery | Vaping